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Woman Wading in a Stream, an oil painting by Rembrandt, reproduced by Thomas Baker

Rembrandt, "Woman Wading in a Stream," 1654

Reproduction by Thomas Baker

Oil on Canvas, 18 X 24 inches (same size as original)

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Rembrandt Van Rijn (1606-1669) of the Netherlands, a giant in Western art, was a master of light and shadow, and his realistic and highly detailed drawings and paintings constitute a vivid record of 17th century life in Amsterdam. He also illustrated many biblical scenes and painted numerous portraits. This painting, considered by some art historians to be one of Rembrandt's most original and spontaneous, is much admired for its uninhibited style. It shows his common-law wife Hendrickje Stoffels wading in a stream or river, and it is a typical Rembrandt composition employing extreme contrasts of light and shadow. Especially in his later years, Rembrandt used thick, carefully built up impastos and multiple glazes of transparent color, which Thomas Baker has faithfully reproduced here.

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