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An oil painting by Thomas Baker showing a little girl sewing clothing for her doll on an antique sewing machine

Title: "In Grandma's Attic"

Oil paint on canvas, 20 X 24 inches

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My discovery of a lovely old sewing machine in the junkpile at a local second-hand store led to this composition. My thanks to the members of the International Sewing Machine Collectors' Society (ISMACS) and the Treadle On antique sewing machine Internet discussion group for assistance and information about the machine. To my amazement, although this sewing machine is perhaps eighty years old, members of these groups were able to furnish me with missing parts, a copy of the original manufacturer's manual, and advice in such matters as threading it correctly for the painting (although the little girl in the painting has obviously been having a bit of trouble with it, which Grandma will soon put right). After some cleaning and oiling, the old machine now actually works again when the balance wheel is turned by hand (it was originally operated by a belt from a foot treadle).

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